About Us

RDR Couture is a unique collection of fashion and fine jewellery sourced, and every so often, designed by the founder, Dolly Italia. The intention is to regularly bring in new collections so that the Jewellery remains unique, current and constantly fresh. 

RDR Couture is a lot more than just a name for a company.  It is a family collaboration, underlined by teamwork, underpinned by simple roots, with tremendous hardwork to get to where we are today.


We aim to bring our customers modern, luxury jewellery, with impeccable craftsmanship, in unparalleled designs, sourced from various parts of Asia and Europe.  


Our fine jewellery collection is all bespoke, made to order items.  We work very closely with our highly skilled jewellers to ensure your designs are meticulously crafted.  And best of all, we aim to provide these at competitive prices.

As we grow our organic world of business, we look forward to and are excited about opportunities that lay ahead for RDR Couture...

"I have enough jewellery!!" - said NO woman ever...